• Are you facing a Divorce or the break up of a non-marital relationship?

  • Has your Ex just served you papers to modify your custody and visitation orders?

  • Do you have questions about how the court determines who gets custody of the kids?

  • Has your children's mother threatened to take the kids and move-away to another state.

  • Does your ex continually frustrate and tamper with your visitation rights?

  • Is your Ex "brainwashing" your kids? (Parental Alienation Syndrome)

  • Are you aware that the court must presume "joint legal and joint physical custody" before they make any determinations regarding your case?

  • Do you know the difference between legal custody and physical custody?

  • Are you aware of new custody laws that support 50/50 custody and time-share arrangements?

  • Are you familiar with the "best interest of the child" rule that most courts use to determine custody and visitation orders?

The truth is Fathers have the same rights as mothers regardless of whether you were/are married to your child's mother. Unfortunately most Fathers don't take the time to learn what they can do to establish and enforce their parental rights. The family court is willing to help you if you are willing to take the right legal steps. Family law is much different than other forms of law. Unless you understand the simple rules, laws and court regulations that govern family law no attorney or other legal professional can ever help you!

There are two ways to get the answers and help you need:

First, I have written a book specifically for California Fathers called the Fathers Rights Survival Guide. This simple and easy to understand guide will answer all of the questions you may have about child custody and all other family law issues. You will learn how custody is determined by the court and what you can do to increase the effectiveness of your custody case. Included is a section on how to change and/or modify a custody and/or visitation order. You will learn how to successfully go through mediation. How to increase your visitation timeshare. The guide also discusses the 50/50 joint parenting arrangements. It also contains information on Parental Alienation Syndrome. (Brainwashing) Whatever your case, before you spend a dime on an attorney or other legal services learn how the system works. You can be sure your Ex has! This information is good in all 50 States. To learn more about the Fathers Rights Survival Guide and how you can obtain a copy now simply click here.

Second, I am very excited about a new way to help my clients. It's called The California Advocate Plan. This plan is a "one on one" relationship with me. I become your personal advocate. When you get court papers, a letter from the ex's attorney, have questions and/or concerns I will be there to provide answers and tell you exactly what must be done. The California Advocate Plan is particularly helpful to those fathers that wish to avoid the high cost of attorneys and represent themselves. Whatever the issue you will always have someone to contact for specific answers and guidance. This plan includes the Fathers Rights Survival Guide. The California Advocate Plan is simply the BEST legal help any California father could EVER get!

To learn more about The California Advocate Plans just click here!

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