Restraining Orders: Emergency Rescue Response

I am pleased to announce a NEW plan to our legal services line-up. It’s called Emergency Rescue Response: ERR-911! It is specifically designed to aid Fathers that are often the victims of maliciously filed restraining orders. ERR-911 contains the necessary legal evaluation, information and direction that will assist Father’s in fighting back against FAKE restraining orders obtained through false and misleading 911 calls, false police reports, misrepresenting the truth in court papers, making false allegations and/or misleading statements to court officials, mediators, custody evaluators, family, friends and even to your children. Fake Restraining orders are now the leading method for derailing a Father’s attempt at a fair and reasonable custody/visitation order. That said, there is now a way to fight back!

Here Is What You Need To Know

In the minutes, hours, days following an incident, an allegation, a 911 call, a confrontation with police and/or an arrest you need to take action immediately. Restraining orders are serious business with very serious consequences. Waiting to take proper action could doom your case. There are steps you can and must take that will thwart any attempt by an angry Mother at concocting a bogus story of domestic violence for purposes of gaining a sole custody, no visitation stay away order. Specific case facts can vary to some degree but the basic elements of the aforementioned is generally the same. Wherefore it is critically important to have your case immediately evaluated to determine your next steps in opposing a restraining order. You need to learn what to say and do and what NOT to say and do in those minutes, hours and days before responding to a restraining order.

You also need to know that that the information and guidance we provide is exclusively limited to this website. While the internet can be very useful when searching for information it can also be a very dangerous place if the information you acquire is inaccurate, misunderstood or misapplied. Family court is a VERY unforgiving place. Filing the wrong paperwork, using the wrong procedure, saying and/or doing the wrong thing can irreparably harm your otherwise good case. You must get this right the first time!

Last, over the last few years Family courts have become much more user self-help friendly. With proper information and guidance you will not need to spend $3000.00 to $5000.00 on an attorney to be successful. Family courts are now very accepting of Pro Per (self-represented) litigants. However, don’t be mistaken! You can’t simply fill out paperwork and expect to tell the judge your side of the story. It simply doesn’t work that way. You need to follow the proper rules of court and procedures. Your paperwork needs to be accurate and you need to know what to do and say. We can show you how to do that!

Here Is How I Can Help You

If you have just been served with a restraining order or are still under a restraining order and need immediate help just order this plan and I will contact you the same day. Here is what you will receive from me:

1. I will instantly send you the complete Fathers Rights Survival Guide which has an excellent section on restraining orders. (And all other Family law issues) Many of your general questions will be answered after reading the restraining order section of the Fathers Rights Survival Guide.

2. I will also have you scan and send via email attachment the actual restraining order so I can review it.

3. A one hour, VERY thorough consultation. You can ask ANY question you like. I will not hang up until ALL your questions are answered and you know exactly where you stand. Keep in mind that this special information and guidance is NOT available on the internet.

4. I will evaluate your case for the level of seriousness and discuss your legal options with you. Further I will explain exactly what you must do to legally respond. Once the evaluation has been completed and options explained I will give you a prognosis as to how your case will likely turn out.

5. After the consultation, you will continue to have direct access to me via e-mail for 60 days for any follow up questions you may have.

6. ERR-911 is fully upgradeable. If you have other ongoing issues such as divorce, child custody/visitation, child support or any other family law matter you can upgrade at any time to a higher plan and you will be given a full credit for your purchase of ERR-911. You only pay the difference in price.

How to Order ERR-911.

I have wanted to create and offer this plan for some time now and with restraining order abuse becoming epidemic there is no better time than now. I am certain that you will find ERR-911 extremely helpful. I am excited to announce that for a limited time only ERR 911 is priced at just $79.00. This plan requires a great deal of work on our part but I truly believe this will be very helpful to thousands of Fathers nationwide.

To Order just click on the ERR-911 icon below. Once your order is complete you will be taken to a page where you can download the complete Fathers Rights Survival Guide. Once you have read the Restraining order section just e-mail me and request a consultation. We are very quick in responding.

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