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  • Are you facing a divorce in California and want to know how much Spousal Support you will have to pay?

  • Has your ex just served you with court papers to raise your spousal support?

  • Has your Ex just remarried or begun cohabiting with another? Has she just begun to work or received a raise at her job?

  • California, (as of 2012) has implemented NEW "father friendly" rules regarding awards of spousal suppport.

  • Or maybe you just want information on how you can lower or terminate your current spousal support order!

  • Are you aware that there are NEW laws requiring a person that receives spousal support to make a "good faith" effort to find a job? And if they don't their support can be reduced or even terminated!

Spousal support is calculated using a state guidelines formula. It is based on the incomes of the parties, length of marriage and the "hardship" needs of the receiving party. Further, in California the courts have developed NEW guidelines which limit the length of time and amount a former spouse can receive for spousal support.

If you're facing any of the circumstances listed above you should investigate the new guideline and rules before you make any decision related to spousal support. Many of my clients unadvisedly signed agreements to pay spousal support not knowing that they MAY NOT have been ordered to do so or they signed an agreement that was double the actual guideline amount.

There are two ways to get the answers and help you need:

First, I have written a book for California Fathers called the Fathers Rights Survival Guide. This simple, easy to understand guide contains a section on establishing or modifying a child and/or spousal support order. This section will answer all of the questions you may have about how child and spousal support is calculated by the court and what you can do to minimize such payments. Learn ALL the rules, policies and practical guidelines the courts now use when determining spousal support. Further you need to be SURE that the amount of support is appropriate. Spousal Support rules in California have changed in recent years and have become more "male" friendly than ever before. Therefore, before you spend a dime on an attorney or other legal services learn how the system works. You can be sure your Ex has!To learn more about the Fathers Rights Survival Guide and how you can obtain a copy now simply click here.

Second, I am very excited about a new way to help my clients. It's called The California Advocate Plan. This plan is a "one on one" relationship with me. I become your personal advocate. When you get court papers, a letter from the ex's attorney, have questions and/or concerns I will be there to provide answers and tell you exactly what must be done. The California Advocate Plan is particularly helpful to those Fathers that wish to avoid the high cost of attorneys and represent themselves. Whatever the issue/problem you will always have someone to contact for specific answers and guidance. This plan includes the California Fathers Rights Survival Guide.

The California Advocate is the "REAL DEAL". No internet hype or slick sales pitch, just the "Truth" about your spousal support issues/concerns and how to fix/avoid the problem (s) NOW and in the future. The California Advocate Plan is simply the BEST legal help any California father could EVER get!

To learn more about The California Advocate Plans just click here!


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